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I’m way behind on updating my blog but here are a few words.

May was a super busy month with 2 marathons 14 days apart. I was very happy with a 1st place overall 2:47 in St Albert and a 2nd place overall 2:44 in Santa Cruz. This race schedule was not ideal but revolved around my kids activities. With that being said I have never been worried about overtraining. I believe too many endurance athletes get caught up in the over used term and never realize their true potential.

June has been a good month of getting my swim back thanks to my very solid training partners at the St. Albert triathlon club. My riding legs are slowly coming back with some very intense early morning trainer rides in my basement. Early morning workouts are never easy but are definitely a necessity in the world of triathlon training with 2 or 3 workouts per day. My strength training has also been consistent which always makes me feel better.

July 1st is the Canada Day 15k race which is going to be fast and furious. That distance is always painful to race and brings out some of the fastest racers around the city so it’s good to see if your training has been working or not.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for reading and happy training!



As I lay here wired from my day and not being able to sleep because of a wicked sunburn I thought I would write my race report. My swim was 64 minutes and at a regular Ironman that is decent and gets you some nice open water. In Kona that is average which means you are in a big pack of swimmers getting tossed around which is not pleasant. Kicked, punched and swallowing salt water was the extent of it. I was so happy to be out of that ocean. The waves aren’t exactly easy on the stomach either. Thanks to my friend Kari who lent me some great anti nausea pills which saved me. After a quick transition I was happy to be on the bike but was not happy how many times I got passed. I was holding a decent pace but couldn’t believe the people ripping by me. If you were following me online you probably thought I was having a picnic out there. I’ve never had a monster bike split and like to keep it between 5:15 and 5:25. Today was 5:24 with some solid winds. I just decided to be conservative on the bike and stay fresh for the run. In transition two I was a little deflated to see so many bikes already racked and guys out running but didn’t stress too much. I had another good transition and as soon as I hit the road I knew my run legs were there today. Look out uber bikers because I was going to pick you off one by one! My first two run splits were 4:02 and 4:05 so I really had to be patient but it was difficult to hold back my legs just wanted to go. I saw my family and friends out there and that gave me another boost. I looked at my wife at mile 5 and said to her: ‘I got this today’. I wasn’t being cocky but I knew the legs were there. I was going to dig deep for this one and dial it in. I was hitting every aid station with ice, water and cold sponges. Keeping cool and getting my nutrition was key. I finished 4 gels at the halfway point with a time of 1:30. Then it was time to hit the cola. Caffeine and sugar was going to finish this marathon off. I kept pushing but felt my left calf and hamstring start to tweak. I kept up with the salt tabs and the legs responded well….disaster averted! With 4k to go I pushed even more and the body responded once again. I thought at this point I possibly had a sub three hour run but it was just a bit short at 3:03. I did pass over 600 athletes on the run so I made up for the sub par bike split. I was so ecstatic at the finish line that my emotions got the best of me and I just fist pumped and screamed. Thanks to my friend Mel who was there as a volunteer to catch me and share my pure joy! I would really like to thank all my family and friends that were in Kona this week. It made such a huge difference to see you out there. I would also like to thank all those who followed me online and sent me well wishes. Believe me when I cross a timing mat on the course I think of all you. Thanks for reading.

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Today was a day off from training. It was a good day to hit the beach with the family and get away from all the Ironman congestion. At this point nervous energy starts to build up and you know it’s time to race. Tomorrow is what I like to call the calm before the storm. On Saturday I will enter the pain cave and squeeze as much speed out of my body that I possibly can. Every race I do my best to dig a bit deeper and give a little more. Finishing a race and leaving everything you have out there is very rewarding. On that note I am off to the athlete banquet to have a carbo load meal and hang out with fellow competitors. Thanks for reading!

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The best part of my day was representing Canada at the athletes parade of nations in Kona. Very well organized and family friendly.

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It’s been exactly 5yrs since I competed at the World Ironman Championships here in Kona. I told myself at the time that I would be back but really I didn’t have a timeline. The first time here we had my 3 month old son Ty and this time we have my 8 month old son Brody. My now 5 yr old son Ty is very excited to be here and loves to watch me race. He’s a big part of the reason I wanted to get back as it’s important to me that he sees me compete in such a great event. I am definitely much less nervous this time as it’s my seventh Ironman. I have experience and age to bank on when things get tough. The last two days in Kona have been great surrounded by family and friends. Yesterday was a great training day with Joel Maley. I really like to keep the tempo up and the duration of each workout shorter during my taper. I never want to have that flat feeling.
This is my first blog in a long time but I’ll keep it up this week and try to keep it entertaining. I’m off to my first Luau tonight but not sure about the food so I’ve already had a Muscle Milk recovery shake to fill me up in case I pass on the roasted pig ha!